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The Mini Thems learn the difference between the US and the UK

So after much discussion, Arthur took the news he was now in America to stay about as well as I expected.

Damnit, he's supposed to be King!

Merlin figured there was only one way to cheer Arthur up; make tea.

Only, he hit a small snag, there wasn't an electric kettle.

Merlin was pleased to see that there was a proper toaster here so at least these Americans weren't complete heathens. (He grateful there was a kettle at all.) When he asked me for something to give Arthur with the tea, I had to explain we didn't have tea cakes here.


We do however, have mallomars.

Arthur wasn't too sure about this, they were smaller than tea cakes. This would need some very through investigation.

In the end, it seemed like the mallomars passed inspection. I was informed that despite mallomars being quite good, they were not tea cakes and thus not the same.

So I mollified them with my special stash of lindt chocolates.

Merlin was quite happy about this, he had been afraid he wouldn't be able to get these here. Arthur just told me it was a start.

Now that their bellies were full, it was time to learn about this Philadelphia place so it was back to the bookstore. (Merlin found my book collection lacking in this area.)

We had barley left the house when disaster almost stuck.

Cars drive on the other side of the road here! Luckily, Arthur was able to save Merlin in time before he stepped out into the street. I was yelled at for not telling them about this ahead of time. Honestly, it had quite slipped my mind. But in the end, everything was okay, and the lesson was learned in a way they both wouldn't soon forget. Feeling significantly chastised, I allowed them to once again ride in my bag to get to the bookstore as that seemed safest for everyone, and let's face it, I owed it to them for not warning them about the cars.

Once at the bookstore, Merlin found some exciting books on Philadelphia.

Apparently this was the "birthplace of independence." He could get used to this idea.

Meanwhile, Arthur found the British Royalty area of the Biography section and made a startling discovery.

None of the books were about him! Didn't these Americans know anything?

He soon gave up on books and wandered into the magazine section where he discovered he could still get his football magazines here.

I was a bit curious to see some of his magazine choices though. He claimed "OK" had been misshelved with the football magazines. That still didn't explain "Hello." I got a hasty mumbled response that sounded like he got it for Merlin, but I wasn't too sure. But as this was the happiest I had seen him since breaking the terrible news, I decided to let it slide.

Books and magazines purchased, we headed back home. Arthur was in a considerably better mood, but he still wasn't sure about this being in America thing. So Merlin showed him something he had come across in his research.

Apparently there is a café in Philadelphia caleld "Naked Chocolate." Arthur had to admit the idea appealed to him. Merlin got excited by Arthur's interest and ran to get something.

While I had been looking at my own books he had gone out and gotten a Naked Chocolate gift card for Arthur.

Arthur acceped it and decided that maybe Philadelphia wasn't too bad after all. But he was going to reserve judgement after going to this nakec chocolate cafe. Only, he wasn't sure how they were going to get there or where it was. Merlin was prepared for this.

He had a map and a subway token. What could possibly go wrong? Arthur agreed and the two began making plans they wouldn't let me hear. Apparently they're intent on doing this themselves. I'm not sure this is a good idea so I'll have to keep a close eye on them to make sure they don't give me the slip. (Merlin was so proud of his token, I didn't have the heart to tell them that they could ride the subways and buses for free since they're under 45 inches.) Why do I have a feeling I'm not going to be able to sleep until they get to explore Philly?
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