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Mini Thems have reached a new home

So my Merlin and Arthur action figures arrived today. samara2187 and I each ordered a set to save on shipping and well, my minis didn't take it too well that they were not unique.

This must be sorcery! They couldn't be in two places at the same time!


I explained that they had identical twin cousins who would be going off to be with samara2187 and that they were completely safe, just sleeping until they reached their destination. There was no sorcery involved.

They weren't too sure of this explanation and needed to study their counterparts. There was no way they were completely identical.

Arthur seemed very intent on his endeavor and it didn't take him long to reach a conclusion.

They couldn't be identical, he looked much better than the other Arthur.

Merlin however, took a longer time to decide. A very very long time....


At last he reached a decision.

Apparently he didn't like the idea that there was someone identical to him running around so the best course of action was to draw a mustache. That way, they couldn't possibly be identical.

I then asked them for their direct verdict.

Well, it wasn't as bad as it could have been. samara2187, I hope you're ready for the minis when they arrive, they're quite a handful.

I thought this was all, I figured I'd break the minis in slowly, let them get used to their new home. So I set out to a nanowrimo write-in, only to find when I got there that I had a pair of stowaways. I shouldn't have been surprised that they didn't want to ease in to things slowly but would rather explore.

Once at the write-in they wanted to help. I tried explaining that writing was a solo activity and there was nothing for them to do. But they insisted. So I told them I had a brownie for myself when I hit 30,000 words. Arthur decided this was the prefect quest. He and Merlin were going to guard my brownie until I had enough words to make sure I didn't cheat.

After about a half hour and after they had made the rounds to everyone's laptop to monitor progress, I reached 30,000 words.

I think Merlin still is a bit sore that I made the count. He was eying that brownie intently. Or at least, that's what I thought he did while I was writing.

Apparently, he decided to wander around the bookshop we were writing in and he made a startling discovery. He didn't have much time to investigate while there because he had to get back before I missed him. When I got home, he took right to my bookshelf, intent on finding out some answers.

These weren't places in the UK!

Where was Philadelphia?

That's when I explained to them that they were no longer in the UK but were now in America, specifically, Philadelphia.

Oops. Guess I have some explaining to do.

(How the Mini Thems learn the difference between the US and the UK can be found here)
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